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       jiangsu hongwei dedusting accessories development CO.,ltd(the original liyang city xinchang bag dedusting accessories factory), founded in 1993, with independent legal person qualifications, more than a decade a number of environmental causes the blazers to grasp the opportunity, practical, innovation, hard work. With the development of China's environmental protection cause, through the baptism of the market, with support from the leaders at all levels, move forward, one step at a time now to be taking shape of one of the bag filter accessories professional manufacturers.

We celebrate the joy of jiangsu hongwei dusting accessories co., LTD.

In March 2017, it is the day that liyang's magnificent bag dedusting equipment accessories co., LTD. Is worth commemorating and celebrating, all the employees are in a state of great excitement! With the positive efforts of the company's leadership and all staff, the new company moved smoothly.

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